Police search for suspect after fatal Albany shooting

Posted at: 12/18/2012 1:57 PM
Updated at: 12/18/2012 6:06 PM
By: Beth Wurtmann

ALBANY – "I heard pop pop pop pop and I immediately thought it was gun shots."

An Albany mother didn't want her identity revealed, but was more than willing to make known her fears, after gunshots rang out in broad daylight in her neighborhood.

She said her first thought was her daughter at school just a few blocks away.

"With what happened Friday with Newtown it really touched home and my first reaction was, the school," she said.

The Philip Schuyler Achievement Academy went into lock out for about a half an hour, as Albany Police searched for clues in the 11am shooting Tuesday near 55 Ontario Street.

Police said after being wounded, 23-year-old Iquan Carter ran into a backyard and collapsed. He was pronounced dead at Albany Medical Center.

Coming just four days after the Newtown Connecticut shooting rampage that left 20 children dead at an elementary school, another parent said she worries about her kindergardener and fifth grader here.

"After the shooting a few days ago it's horrible I mean there's got to be another answer to the problem. Guns is not the answer," said the woman who gave her name as Michele.

Albany Schools spokesman Ron Lesko said the Newtown massacre has officials reviewing security plans, and staying on the alert.

"That event, that horrible event has made us focus again on the plans that we have to keep our children and our staff members safe," he said.

The Albany shooting put parents on edge, making one mother willing to put herself in danger moments after shots were fired.

"My husband said no, wait. Then we heard sirens I said no my daughter's right there I flew out the house came up to the corner," she said.