Emergency preparedness, gun control to be topics in Cuomo address

Posted at: 01/08/2013 12:06 PM
Updated at: 01/08/2013 12:44 PM
By: WNYT Staff

ALBANY - Emergency preparedness will most likely be one of the key issues of the Gov. Cuomo's State of the State Address Wednesday.

Another will be gun control, which Cuomo says it will be a contentious issue in the upcoming legislative session. The governor believes that a new proposal by a coalition of state senators to crack down on illegal firearms and gun use does not go far enough.

Cuomo is expected to propose a new ban on assault rifles and high-capacity clips in his speech.

Meanwhile, New York Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Charles Schumer are pushing for a bill that would make it illegal to traffic or assist in the trafficking of a firearm.