Fage Greek yogurt on the menu at Inaugural luncheon

Posted at: 01/10/2013 6:40 PM
Updated at: 01/11/2013 11:04 AM
By: Beth Wurtnann

JOHNSTOWN - "This is delicious this is really good," said Senator Chuck Schumer as he tasted Fage yogurt Thursday.

Schumer said he's hoping President Barack Obama has the same reaction, announcing that the yogurt will be served at an inaugural luncheon, just before the swearing in ceremony on January 21st.

"I'm going to say Mr. President. It's healthy, it's American-made and it's something you should serve to your daughters," Schumer added.

The Fage plant in Johnstown is in the process of doubling it's production to 160,000 tons of greek yogurt each year, and will add 140 jobs to its staff of 250.

"We're very proud and honored and we thank Senator Schumer for choosing us.," said Russell Evans, marketing director for the company.

As chairman of the Inaugural Ceremonies, Schumer said a number of New York products will be served at the luncheon, for the President, Vice President, Supreme Court, Generals, diplomatic corp and house and senate leaders, right under the Capitol's dome.

"Puts Johnstown on the map it puts New York State on the map and we're just so happy to a part of that," said Sarah Slingerland, Johnstown Mayor.

"Wow. This is really good!" Schumer said as he tried the pineapple flavor.

Vanilla and plain Fage yogurt will be served for dessert at the luncheon, with a choice of fruit or granola.

"So it's a great highlight of foods in general and perhaps our fastest growing food, Greek Yogurt," Schumer said.

Other New York products on the president's luncheon table will be Saratoga Spring Water, pie made with Columbia County apples, honey from Rochester, maple syrup from Dutchess county, cheese from Cooperstown and wine from the Finger Lakes and Long Island.