Confusion surrounds NY's new gun law

Posted at: 01/18/2013 10:08 AM
Updated at: 01/18/2013 11:08 AM
By: Lily Jamali

The new gun law in New York State has sent a lot of people into a tailspin of confusion.

Questions over how to comply with the new law -- and how to implement it -- have left many New Yorkers scratching their heads.

The confusion is widespread -- from your average gun owner, to members of the law enforcement community who are supposed to have the answers but so far don't.

"It was amazing to find out that all of a sudden, me, a law abiding citizen, has now become a criminal according to this law that was passed," Charlton resident Joe De Martino said.

De Martino has a list -- a very long list -- of questions about the new gun law that went into effect Tuesday. He says the law lacks of clarity on what's legal and what's not. Questions range from the basic, like where you register your firearms, to the more complicated. Topping his list, De Martino wants to know why the law changed the legal number of rounds allowed in a magazine from 10 to seven and where he can even get a seven-round magazine.

Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple has been inundated with questions from gun owners worried that they're now breaking the law.

"We don't everybody enraged over the process. We're trying diligently to work with them and cooler heads prevail," Apple said.

Concerns include how the new law will be enforced by agencies like his.

"I can tell you as the sheriff of Albany County, under no circumstances am I sending somebody door to door to check for weapons. That, I think, is all misinformation people are putting out there," Apple said.

Law enforcement officials like Apple have plenty of questions of their own. They're hoping some will be answered at the Annual Sheriff's Convention in Albany next week.

Apple says his department is putting together a list of key changes that will soon be available on their website.