Chicken Sausage Recipes from Bilinski's

Posted at: 01/18/2013 1:01 PM
Updated at: 01/20/2013 9:48 AM

Chicken Sausage Recipes

from Bilinski's


Bilinski’s Buffalo & Blue Cheese Chicken Sausage Pizza

Pre-heat oven to 400°F.

Roll out pizza dough to form crust and place on a baking sheet that is lightly oiled and sprinkled with corn meal.

Top evenly with pizza sauce.

Sprinkle mozzarella cheese on evenly.

Slice Bilinski’s chicken sausage into rounds about ½” thick and place evenly over cheese along with the sliced onions and peppers.

Sprinkle blue cheese on top and dash some Red Hot Sauce over the pizza if you would like some extra buffalo wing flavor and spice.

Put your baking sheet in the oven and cook for about 15 minutes or until the crust is browned and cheese is bubbling.  Enjoy!

Bilinski’s Apple Chardonnay Chicken Sausage Quinoa Salad

Heat 2 Tbsp of Olive oil in a small sauce pan over medium heat.

Sautee onions and red pepper dices.

When onions are translucent and peppers are soft, add diced chicken sausage and heat until sausage is warmed through.

Whisk together 2 Tbsp olive oil and balsamic vinegar in small bowl with salt and pepper.

Place the cooked quinoa in a large serving bowl and stir in the onion, pepper, sausage mix, cherries, cucumber and oranges.

Then blend in dressing to taste.

Sprinkle almond pieces over the top.

Can be served warm or cold.

Bilinski’s Spinach & Garlic Chicken Sausage Omelet

Chop dice chicken sausage.

Crack eggs into bowl

Whisk milk into eggs

Heat olive oil in skillet to medium-high

Reduce heat to medium and pour egg mixture into skillet

Sprinkle Bilinski's sausage, diced tomatoes, salt, and pepper evenly on top of egg

When eggs start to brown on the bottom, carefully fold the omelet in half by lifting up one side and folding it over

Cover pan and cook for 3 more minutes

Turn and cook for 3 more minutes on the other side

Serve with whole grain toast and sliced fruit. Enjoy!