Obama proposes measures to curb gun violence

Posted at: 01/18/2013 6:21 PM
By: Dan Bazile

President Barack Obama is also proposing a string of measures aimed at curbing gun violence.

But Congressman Paul Tonko says the nation should also seize this moment to improve the law enforcement portion of gun safety.

He says AFT the Bureau of alcohol tobacco, firearms and explosives -- the number one agency responsible for gun law enforcement, has been underfunded for quite some time.

They have 25 hundred agents nationwide -- the same number since the early 1970's and they've taken on more responsibilities.

Plus, the agency has some restrictions by law making it difficult, according to Tonko to crack down on irresponsible gun dealers and collect data on gun inventory.

Congressman Chris Gibson released a statement saying the riders protect law abiding citizens from having their information stored in a federal gun registry.

The ATF has also been without a director for several years -- all making it even tougher to enforce existing laws.

Gibson says he supports more funding for the ATF to better enforce existing laws.

Coming at six o'clock, some reasons why the agency has had a difficult time.