Finger bite seriously injures Albany woman

Posted at: 01/30/2013 8:24 PM
Updated at: 01/31/2013 10:07 AM
By: Kumi Tucker

ALBANY – A woman almost lost her finger when she says a man bit her at a bar.

She says he was a stranger who suddenly attacked.

Ashley Shilling says she's had to miss work. She’s also had to take an HIV test, and she's on different medications.

Someone almost bit off her finger and she's frustrated that she can't get a police report on the attack.     

She says she was out dancing with friends a week and a half ago, in downtown Albany. She was talking to two women who needed a ride.

So I put my arm around her and her friend because I couldn't hear them and I asked the gentleman behind to give us a minute.  And then that's when he bit down on my finger,” says Shilling.

Shilling says she doesn't know the man, and had almost no interaction with him before he bit her.

“He tried to dance with me a few times.  I didn't pay him any mind.  I continued to dance away from him,” says Shilling.

Shilling showed us pictures of some of her injuries. She's had to have surgery on her finger and missed days of work.

Shilling is a single mother who works fulltime at a local diner. She's upset she hasn't heard from police about the attack.

“Nothing.  I went down there twice to get a report, and they don't have a report,” she says.

Shilling did get paperwork from the fire department.

She also thinks the bar should have better security, and she's still trying to figure out why a stranger would bite her.

“I feel like he's laughing in my face, I got away with it, and he'll probably do it to somebody else,” says Shilling.

Shilling says a bouncer dragged the man away and threw him out.

She says the man looked her dead in the eyes as he bit down on her finger.