Prosecutor, Town Board frustrated horses still on Greenfield property

Posted at: 02/04/2013 4:39 PM
Updated at: 02/04/2013 5:45 PM
By: Mark Mulholland

GREENFIELD - The pictures show the condition of some of the horses taken away from Ann Arnold's Greenfield property in 2011.

Veterinarians described them as malnourished and diseased.

Arnold was convicted last spring of 19 counts of animal cruelty. She didn't go to jail, but she was placed on probation. The judge barring her from having horses on the property for three years.

But it seems the 59-year-old Arnold has gotten around the law.

There are several horses on the property today. Roughly 17 of them.

Prosecutors say Arnold transferred ownership of the property to her brother in November and maintains that the property and the horses aren't hers.

Animal rights advocates aren't convinced.

"On a deed, it's very easy to transfer property and she can just say the horses are not hers. It's very simple," says Karren Bergland, long-time animal rights advocate, who has followed the case closely.

When we visited the Wilton Road property to see if the horses were being cared for, the person living there wasn't happy to see us.

"I'm tired of being played with. Now, go!" said a man who declined to identify himself.

Town Supervisor Dick Rowland tells NewsChannel 13 that the eight-acre property is rocky and muddy and not fit for horses. He says the town is also pursuing other possible code violations against the property owner.

But in the meantime, there's not much police or prosecutors can do about the horses on the property.

"The Town is the only entity that can do anything now in terms of a zoning restriction. There's no criminal statute that's been violated," said Jim Murphy, Saratoga County District Attorney. "The horses are being minimally cared for. Not enough to raise to the level of an allegation of abuse or neglect."

Arnold, who couldn't be located Monday for this report, will appear before a judge on February 25.