KeyBank closes key neighborhood branch

Posted at: 02/06/2013 10:12 AM
By: Dan Levy

ALBANY - For nearly half a century Marion Hollner of Albany has been doing her banking at this KeyBank on Delaware Avenue, but now, after corporate consolidation, the Delaware branch is shutting down.

"To get to some of these other places, they placed me on New Scotland Avenue branch and that's ridiculous,” she tells NewsChannel 13. “I'd have to take two buses to get there."

For customers like George Marbley, getting used to a new banking routine, at a new branch, is something that doesn't interest him.

"The main thing is all the rest of the banks are so far,” Marbly says. There's no place to park. The one on New Scotland Avenue, that's a nightmare for people like myself and anybody else."

A KeyBank spokeswoman tells me they're always looking at branch locations, and although lower traffic is a factor, it's not the only factor. The Delaware branch consolidation, she says, is a business decision.

Jean Marcil: "I don't think it should be closed because it's very convenient for all the walking people in the area,” Jean Marcil tells WNYT.

When asked if it was disappointing- "Yes, very because of the convenience. I can always find a parking place,” she says.

Megan Dawson says she moved to the neighborhood because of the many conveniences within walking distance.

"It is disappointing. It's the only financial institution within walking distance to us,” Dawson tells NewsChannel 13. “So it's an inconvenience, if its not here any more."

What will you do for banking?

"I'm not sure. I thought about closing my account with them,” Dawson says. “I don't know where else I would open one."