Lake George welcomes snow just in time for carnival

Posted at: 02/08/2013 5:22 PM
Updated at: 02/08/2013 5:47 PM
By: Mark Mulholland

LAKE GEORGE - Despite the forecast for several inches of snow, the snow guns were getting a workout in Lake George Friday afternoon.

They're preparing for the main event of this weekend's Winter Carnival---snocross, the racing of snowmobiles on the former Gaslight Village property.

"These guys can really launch them. These guys go forty feet up in the air. They'll go 115 feet distance wise," said Paul Peterson, announcer for East Coast Snocross.  "They're absolute mad men."

Jake daSilva, a 20-year-old racer from New Hampshire, agrees,"There's going to be some big air, a lot racing, a lot of passing. Watch for the jumps."

The snow guns provide the base for the races, Mother Nature will do the rest.

The organizers of the carnival have been waiting a long time for a snowy weekend like this.

"Wednesday we had nine inches of black ice out there. That's great. Black ice, really good ice. Then some snow on top, that's good for snowmobilers. So it should bring the town alive again," said Linda Duffy, a business owner and long-time organizer of the carnival.

The snocross races are just part of the weekend festivities. With solid ice on the lake for the first time in years, the organizers say all of the events will go full throttle. From ice diving into the frigid water to a bon fire on the beach and fireworks over the lake.

Events that merchants hope will bring thousands of visitors to town.

"It helps to pay some bills until we get to summertime. The other volunteers are actually friends of ours or customers of ours. It does, it brings people up here," said Duffy.

The carnival is held each weekend in February.