Storm wreaks havoc for air travelers

Posted at: 02/09/2013 7:44 PM
By: Lily Jamali

ALBANY - Passengers traveling in and out of Albany International Airport experienced a slow return to normal Saturday evening. Despite better than expected conditions following Friday night's snow storm, there were still delays and cancellations on several flights.

Some incoming flights from Newark and the Washington D.C. area were among those experiencing cancellations. Passengers coming and going to Boston also experienced trouble connecting with Logan International Airport. Logan International was shut down but was expected to resume service at 11pm Saturday, according to an Albany International Airport spokesman.

Cape Air flights still showed up on the airport's website and department/arrivals boards as normal, although the airline's counters were closed and flights did not appear to be running.

One passenger trying to get to Massena on a Cape Air flight was stranded at the airport, with no answers from Cape Air after an already arduous trip from the West Coast.

"I showed up in Denver and my flight was canceled so I had to stay there all night," said Evan Mattice. "They finally found me a flight to Charlotte and I got stuck in Charlotte. Then they found me a ride to Albany and I'm stuck again because they canceled me."

But there were some positive stories as well, including Christine Edge who had a long trip from Georgia but made it to Albany in time to surprise her father for his 60th birthday celebration.

"I was scheduled to come up last night and they canceled all flights very early on. Instead of flying directly into Albany, I had to fly to Pennsylvania, take a little jet plane to Allentown, then drive three and a half hours to Albany. So it took a little while to get here," said Edge.