Both sides of fracking debate weigh in at Capitol

Posted at: 02/11/2013 3:53 PM
Updated at: 02/11/2013 6:39 PM
By: Bill Lambdin

ALBANY - Irish journalist Phelim McAleer has put together a documentary embraced by the pro-fracking forces.

"And we need to ask these people (fracking opponents) hard questions and ask them for scientific results and when they don't come up with the scientific results move on and say we got it wrong," McAleer told a news conference Monday.

Meanwhile, at the same time, anti-frackers were asking what they consider hard questions outside the State Senate chamber.

After combing through financial disclosure forms, they're raising conflict of interest questions about the Governor's Secretary, Larry Schwartz, who shows investments in a couple of companies likely to profit if fracking goes forward in New York.

"We felt that this does not meet the standard that New Yorkers deserve of public impartiality and openness and transparency," said John Armstrong of FrackAction.com.

Back with the pro-frackers, Nick Scoonover is a landowner in Tioga County.

"Many of these farmers, my family included, have been in the business for generations and the last thing they want to do is they want to do anything that causes them to not be able to farm their land and pass it on to their children," said Scoonover.