North Colonie Officials monitoring student trip to Peru

Posted at: 02/15/2013 9:56 PM
Updated at: 02/18/2013 9:22 AM
By: Allison Dorchik

North Colonie district officials are closely monitoring a student trip to Peru after the U.S. Embassy in the country issued a warning to all American tourists.

There's concern that a criminal group in Peru could be targeting Americans to kidnap.

The insurgents kidnapped 36 natural gas workers last year.

There are 22 Shaker High School students and four chaperones in the country on a foreign language trip.

School administrators met with parents tonight.

After talking with Congressman Paul Tonko's office and the Embassy in Peru, they've decided to go ahead with the rest of their trip as planned.

Students aren't allowed to go anywhere without a chaperone by their side.

The district says the students are enjoying the trip and haven't had any problems.

Parents were given the option to withdraw their kids, but so far no one has done that.

The students are scheduled to come home in a week.