Lenox Police probe downtown burglary spree

Posted at: 02/20/2013 11:26 PM
By: Dan Levy

LENOX - Police in Lenox, Massachusetts are investigating a series of business break-ins that all happened in the downtown historic district. At least eight businesses have been burglarized over the last several nights, leading to growing frustration among merchants.

It's been random, widespread, and under the cover of darkness that someone's been breaking in to Lenox businesses. Ken Fowler, a town selectman, also owns the Shear Design hair salon on Church Street, where a double pain, thermal window on the front door was smashed sometime Tuesday night, although the bandit apparently never made it inside.

"I'm frustrated at my own self," says Fowler, "frustrated for not having taken the measures that were necessary to stop something like this from happening."

Fowler says he wishes he had installed a video surveillance system a few years ago when burglars first hit his business, especially after adding up repair costs.

"The pane of glass I just found out is about $190 installed," he said, "Probably another $200 (for a new dead bolt lock), and a surveillance system will probably be another thousand dollars. It adds up quickly."

Things were adding up for other businesses owners as well. At Colorful Stitches, on Main Street, the thief made off with $750 from the cash register.

 A lesser amount was stolen from the Lenox Coffee shop next door.

"I walked into work and the windows were broken," said Nick Dixon, who works at Lenox Coffee. "We were broken into. Apparently they threw two bricks through the window on the door and the window on the left. We had to get a new drawer on our cash register because they just busted that open and took the money."

There was no money taken from a dentist's office on Church Street, just a broken back window, the same as what happened at the Gifted Child Sale Barn, and That's a Wrap, a food business.

And of all the joints in all the Berkshires, someone jimmied the front door at Casablanca.

"This is something I believe is someone who really knows the area fairly well," Fowler surmised. "They knew the vulnerability, knew how they could do it, and do it quickly. I think what you're talking about is a criminal who doesn't have the same rationale as you and I, so for them it's probably the same as a job. On a bad day they get caught."

Lenox Police say they're following up on some promising leads and hope to make an arrest soon.