Off duty corrections officer seen as hero by neighbors

Posted at: 02/21/2013 11:50 PM
By: Jessica Layton

TROY - Thursdays nights at the Miller House are almost always filled with family, friends and food. But they don't always have something this big to celebrate.

The 22 year old Rensselaer County correctional officer was enjoying a day off - having lunch at his grandmother's next door. When all of a sudden he noticed a suspicious looking person in his grandma's back yard.

"I said hey where you going? He saw me and started running," said Don Miller.

Miller says the alleged car thief ran through his grandma's yard and into his yard, knocking down tables and storage bins along the way.

"I could hear the Troy cops yelling 'get him Miller! And I knew this kid was definitely in trouble," he said.

Miller chased the suspect through three backyards - including his own - before jumping a fence and tackling him in a neighbor's yard. He held him down until Troy police were able to arrest the suspect.

"I feared he was going to run into my neighbors house and go after the three kids. When you're running from the cops, God only knows what you'll do," Miller said.

His neighbor Kyle Stewart witnessed the whole thing from his kitchen window and was naturally grateful for Miller's quick thinking.

"Here's a hero. Glad he had the day off!" Stewart said.

A case of right place, right time, mixed in with great training and a little bit of luck. A promising future for a young man so early on in his career.

"It's pretty ironic that it's my one year anniversary (as a corrections officer)," Miller said.

The suspect was a teenager and right now police aren't releasing his name. Another person was arrested in connection with the same stolen car case. Miller says the car was found near the Troy Country Club and returned to its owner.