State's best wrestlers meet at the mat in Albany this weekend

Posted at: 02/22/2013 5:27 PM
Updated at: 02/22/2013 5:44 PM
By: Abigail Bleck

ALBANY--You'll hear cheering inside the Times Union Center all weekend.  But outside the arena, the restaurants are pretty excited too.

"It's a great weekend for Wolf's 1-11, yes," explains manager Kyle Schultz.

In two days, the New York State Wrestling Tournament is expected to draw 12,000 people to Albany.  Wolf's 1-11 is 50% busier during the lunch hour Friday than it would be on a normal Friday.

"It brings business downtown.  It makes money for everyone it's a great thing--great to have people down here," says Schultz.

And they're not just drinking and eating.  Many attendees are making a weekend of it and have booked hotel rooms in the Albany area, too.

"Every year, I have three boys and my brother in law has a son, so we've been coming to this meet for years," explains Bruce Leighton of Saugerties.

It's an event downtown businesses looks forward to--whether it's providing a sit down dinner or a grab and go meal.

"Downtown is quiet at night.  We need something to come and make all the business," says Benny Lemus of Dallas Hot Wiener on Pearl Street.

The Albany Police Department is encouraging visitors to use the new credit card enabled meters for on-street parking.  There is also visitor parking available at the Green-Hudson, Riverfront and Quackenbush garages.