New movie screens shaking up local movie scene

Posted at: 02/25/2013 5:59 PM
Updated at: 02/25/2013 6:09 PM
By: Mark Mulholland

SARATOGA SPRINGS -This week you can catch the critically acclaimed Hitchcock at the Saratoga Film Forum on Broadway.

On Sunday, you can see Hitchcock's most famous film, Psycho.

The Saratoga Film Forum has been showing classic and independent movies for twenty years. They're current home, in the Saratoga Arts Center, has room for about a hundred people to watch 35 millimeter movies.

The forum met a need when there wasn't a theater in downtown Saratoga Springs. And they're doing it again. If only for a short time.

This summer, BowTie Cinemas will open an 11-screen movie house, which is now under construction just a block off Broadway.

"We can't compete with them. We don't want to.  We would die if we tried to. So the question is how do we develop our own niche that's distinctive and special and important to Saratoga?" asks Amy Godine, president of the Saratoga Film Forum.

BowTie plans to show independent films at its downtown location, but says the Film Forum should be able to survive because it'll show more obscure titles than a typical movie theater.

And those in the film industry, like screenwriter Chris Millis of Saratoga Springs, say this community will support good movies--- Hollywood blockbusters or independents.

A full-length feature film titled Small Apartments, starring Billy Crystal and James Caan, was written by Millis and will make its local debut Friday and Saturday.

Because the Wilton Mall cinema closed for renovation, Millis is using the Saratoga Music Hall on the top floor of City Hall. It sold out all 300 seats well in advance.

"Nothing beats showing it to your hometown crowd. Looking out seeing everyone you grew up with and your teachers and your family, so this is absolutely going to be the best experience," said Millis.

Small Apartments will be shown Friday at the Saratoga Music Hall and Saturday at Skidmore College.

The Saratoga Film Forum has planned a public discussion regarding its future in a 19-screen community. The forum will be held March 19 at 7pm at the Saratoga Arts Center.