Queensbury couple rescued on 2nd honeymoon

Posted at: 02/26/2013 5:42 AM
Updated at: 02/26/2013 10:55 AM
By: WNYT Staff

QUEENSBURY - A Queensbury couple has safely returned from a Hawaiian island adventure. The couple was in danger of losing their lives on the island of Kauai inside the Na Pali Coast State Wilderness Park.

Bruce and Shay Mason were on the final leg of their second honeymoon when heavy rains and high flood waters trapped them on the tropical island.

The couple was trapped along with 18 other hikers, who just happened to also be on the island during the storm.

Shay confess there were moments when they weren't 100 percent sure they would make it off the pacific jungle island alive.

The group of strangers gathered together and built a shelter. After surviving the night, rescuers airlifted the hikers out one at a time.

Even after this traumatizing experience the Masons say they’d actually like to return to the idyllic setting for films like south pacific.