Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick returns from 10-day trip

Posted at: 02/26/2013 10:31 AM
Updated at: 02/26/2013 10:39 AM
By: AP

BOSTON (AP) - Gov. Deval Patrick says automatic federal spending cuts could potentially cost Massachusetts hundreds of millions of dollars, and he's putting the blame squarely on Republicans for the failure to reach a deal.

Patrick met with reporters at the Statehouse on Monday after returning from a 10-day trip that included a trade mission to Colombia and a meeting of the nation's governors in Washington.
Patrick said there was little hope of heading off the automatic spending cuts, scheduled to take effect on Friday. He blamed the impasse on a failure of House Republican leaders to schedule a vote on President Obama's plan to raise revenue by closing some tax loopholes for wealthy individuals and corporations.
The governor said the federal government has yet to provide specific information on how the automatic cuts will be implemented.
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