Woman's honesty rewarded

Posted at: 02/27/2013 11:05 PM
Updated at: 02/27/2013 11:48 PM
By: Jessica Layton

You know the saying: no good deed goes unpunished. Now, we have the story of a local woman whose good deed has been rewarded.

When Pat Wesner realized she was driving behind a Brink's truck in Washington County she thought: "Wouldn't it be funny if money started falling out?" And then - it did.

She didn't think twice about returning the $11,000.

And the company didn't think twice about making an example of her honesty.

Pat Wesner says it could have been the perfect crime.

“Nobody would have known, nobody would have known,” she says.

Except - she would have known. And this museum director has lived her whole life following one rule: honesty is always the best policy.

“I always feel like what goes around comes around,” says Wesner.

That's why there was no moral dilemma on Tuesday - when she witnessed $11,000 worth of bills and coins tumble out of a Brink's truck. It was driving in front of her on Route 22 near Salem when it hit a bump, the door swung open and money fell out. Pat secured the cash and didn't think twice about calling police.

Wesner was clearly happy to do the right thing. Brink's Incorporated was happy too. Wednesday - the company sent long stem roses to the house

She also got a call from the Brink's CEO, telling her how much she appreciates what she did.

Now, the company is rewarding Wesner with $2,500 for her honesty - something she didn't expect, but appreciates. She has a couple ideas on how she might spend it.

“A couple car repairs might be nice and my daughter is flying to New York on Friday - it's both our birthdays and we'll probably do something fun in New York,” she says.

A whirlwind week for this Washington County woman, unwilling to let a big chunk of cash change her character.

“My friends are honest people and my family is an honest family. What more can you have in life,” she says.

Brink's put out a statement saying: “It was an amazing act of civic virtue demonstrated by Ms. Wesner to call local police, collect the scattered money and return it to us. We believe these types of selfless acts should be rewarded.”