SCCC and CDPHP partner for health care education

Posted at: 03/06/2013 3:24 PM
Updated at: 03/08/2013 9:19 AM
By: Benita Zahn

There's always a podium and happy officials on hand when money changes hands. In this case, health plan C.D.P.H.P. Is giving 20-thousand dollars to  H-POG - The health Profession opportunity grants program at Schenectady county community college.
    As college president Dr. Quintin Bullock details, since its inception in January 2011 more than 560 students have graduated earning licenses or certifications in a wide range of health care professions.
    Among them, certified nurse assistant. That's what Tiffany Frost is working toward.

"I needed a career. I have two boys. A job won't get you far enough. A career, will."

   Demonstrating some of the skills she's learning, Tiffany explains that she's been relying on public assistance, like most of those in the HPOG program. So she's thankful for the support provided by the program, besides the education, making it possible for her to attend classes.

" The support in every way. Anything that I need they were, they're there. With the transportation, the uniforms, everything, books. "

      She's two weeks into the 7 week program and is already looking forward to working as a C N A in a local hospital.

" The best part about doing this is being able to help save lives like, to help other people. "

    The certifications earned through the H-POG program may just be the first step in a long and varied career in health. Just ask Dr. John Bennett, CEO and president of CDPHP,

" I learned about health care, really starting off as an undergraduate at RPI, as an orderly" explains Bennett.
   You just never know where your education will lead you.

This HPOG program is held at the Albany campus of SCCC .. for more info go to http://www.sunysccc.edu/wfd/HPOG.html