City pulls the plug on Armory concert

Posted at: 03/08/2013 11:50 PM
By: Dan Levy

ALBANY - For the second time in the last five months, the City of Albany has pulled the plug on electric music at the Washington Avenue Armory. That move came late Friday afternoon, just hours before 1,500 fans were expected to arrive.

A cease and desist notice went up on the front door of the armory at  around 4:15 P.M., leaving management and promoters scrambling to notify as many ticket holders and performers as they could about the last minute cancelation in a short period of time.

City officials say the armory violated an agreement which requires private security to be on duty during all concerts, but also violated city noise ordinances.

"There were significant noise complaints that came from the residents of the area," said Jeffery Jamison, Albany's Commissioner of Buildings and Regulatory Compliance. "Not just direct neighbors, but blocks away."

Meanwhile, armory management was left perplexed by the last minute ordeal.

"We don't know how we violated the agreement," said Michael Corts, an armory spokesman. "It's up to attorneys and the city to work it out. We're going to do our best to move past it and get the building back open again."

Corts says he's optimistic that any violations can, and will, be remedied and Friday night's Electric Safari concert can be rescheduled. Tickets for Friday's event, he says, will be honored for a future concert.

The roller derby show scheduled for Saturday night (March 9), according to city officials, is a go!