Benita Zahn and Jeff Yule discuss Dear Liar

Posted at: 03/14/2013 2:03 PM
By: Andrew Murphy

The works of playwright George Bernard Shaw are well known.

Among his works are Pygmalion and St. Joan.

Now, the private life of the famous writer is about to come to life for the benefit of the Ronald McDonald house.

Jeff Yule, Executive Director of the Ronald McDonald House and NewsChannel 13’s Benita Zahn, one of the performers, joined us in the studio.

The show is called Dear Liar.

It's based on the letters between George Bernard Shaw and the famous actress, Mrs. Patrick Campbell.

They had a romance but more than that, they wrote to each other for some 40 years.

Shaw never divorced his wife.

Campbell was widowed and then divorced.

The letters chronicle the times they live in and their relationship.