Police killed Herkimer murder suspect after long standoff

Posted at: 03/14/2013 5:52 PM
By: Dan Bazile

HERKIMER -- It was inside a vacant building on Main Street in Herkimer that police said Kurt Myers's shooting spree finally came to an end, 19 hours after it began.

"Somewhere on the first floor of the location, the gunman began to shoot at the tactical team," said New York State Police Superintendent Joseph D'Amico.

A tactical group made up of a special FBI team from Quantico and New York State Police went into the building. They said Myers shot and killed the team's K9 through the doorway of a room where he was hiding.

"Fire was returned and exchanged from one of the tactical teams. At that time the male Kurt Meyers was shot and killed inside the location," D'Amico said.

It all started early Wednesday morning after authorities said Myers set fire to his own apartment in the nearby town of Mohawk. Moments later, they said Myers shot four people at a barbershop, just around the corner from his house. Two of the victims died. He then drove across the river to Herkimer where police said he shot and killed two other people at a car wash and oil business.

State police and what looked like a small army then joined in a manhunt where they narrowed their search at the Main Street location. Gun fire erupted at one point between Myers and police. But he remained inside. The street was shut down and some residents were told to stay put.

"We had to sit there and wait until police do their job," said Kelly Wood who recently moved into an apartment near the scene.

"We deployed gas yesterday a couple of times," D'Amico said.

But sources say Myers was able to shield himself possibly inside a small freezer. Police say a heavily armed team maintained vigil outside the vacant building overnight. That was until Thursday morning when they stormed in, shot and killed Myers.

We may never find out why Myers allegedly went on the shooting rampage. Police said their preliminary indication reveals this was a probably a senseless and random act of violence. They said Myers had no real connection to his victims.