Budget talks continue Wednesday at Capitol

Posted at: 03/20/2013 12:10 PM
Updated at: 03/20/2013 5:28 PM
By: Bill Lambdin

ALBANY - Legislative leaders met with the governor again Wednesday morning, trying to close differences that have slowed agreement on the next New York State budget.

Leaders met for a short time Wednesday morning with the governor, then left, presumably to brief their conferences and decide whether they wanted to modify positions that are holding up final agreement.

In addition to matters that will have a direct financial cost to the state, these so-called budget talks are also being slowed by differences over policy.

Leaders say they're discussing changes to the SAFE Act, which limits the numbers of bullets in gun magazines to seven. The problem, manufactures don't make seven bullet magazines, not to mention polling numbers show the limits are unpopular Upstate.

There's also dispute over loosening marijuana penalties and whether it should apply throughout the state or just in New York City.

If leaders reach budget agreements today, the earliest votes on the bills are likely is Saturday.

Sunday is also a strong possibility. And as we have heard often, there isn't total agreement on anything until; there is agreement on everything.