Officials release more video from Schenectady Officer involved shooting

Posted at: 03/22/2013 8:36 PM
Updated at: 03/25/2013 5:32 PM
By: Allison Dorchik

SCHENECTADY - More 'dash -cam' video has been made available to NewsChannel 13 Monday evening.

Schenectady city officials released the video after news organizations under the freedom of information law appealed earlier denials.

There are 9 different views taken by fixed cameras in police cars, although we're only aware of two that partially capture the fatal confrontation.

A grand jury determined the officers actions were justified, but Bill Lambdin reports there's a significant disparity between what the DA told reporters in December and what the video shows.

The video and audio released today by Schenectady City Officials doesn't contradict the District Attorney's account.

It doesn't prove the officers violated procedure or acted without cause, but it does raise a question.

It happens almost instantly. A Schenectady patrol unit makes a U-turn on State Street to arrive as backup.

As they are trained to do, the officers demand show me your hands to the suspect, who lies shot and bleeding away from the fixed view dash cam.

It is less than a minute and a half after the shooting. An officer calls for crime scene tape and the paramedics. Now a woman who says she's the suspect's sister shows up wanting house keys out of the bleeding man's pockets. 

Four minutes after the shooting an ambulance arrives. Not in time to save 33 year old Luis Rivera, who dies. Still off camera, but picked up on a microphone, officers discuss the shooting.