Gourmet Deviled Eggs from Chef David James Robinson

Posted at: 03/23/2013 5:38 AM
Updated at: 03/23/2013 9:40 AM

Gourmet Deviled Eggs
from Chef David James Robinson




With Easter coming up, it’s nice to have some ideas to use up all those boiled and decorated eggs.  Here is an adult version of Deviled Eggs that puts them into the gourmet category.  Put these with a glass of wine for an hors d’oeuvres, or have them for a fancy snack.  Farm-fresh eggs are harder to peel than older grocery store eggs, so I don’t go to the farmer’s market or farmstand when I’m going to make these – I use older grocery store eggs.
§  6 Eggs (note that each egg makes 2 halves, for a total of 12 halves)
§  Saucepan of Cold Water
§  3 Tablespoons of Sour Cream
§  3 Tablespoons of Very Finely Diced Onion
§  2  to 3 teaspoons of Wasabi Paste or Hot Mustard of Your Choice
§  Caviar, or Smoked Salmon, or Cooked Shrimp to Garnish the Tops of the Eggs
1.     Put uncooked, uncracked eggs in their shells in a saucepan.
2.     Cover the eggs in the saucepan with cold water (sometimes the eggs float, but don’t sweat that).  This is one of the few recipes, like potatoes, that we start in cold water.
3.     Put the eggs and the saucepan on a burner on the stove over high heat.  Bring them to a boil.
4.     Once they have reached the boil, turn the burner OFF.
5.     Immediately remove the saucepan from the heat, put the pan on a heatproof surface or heatproof counter, cover the pan with a lid or foil.  Wait 15 minutes – set a timer if you want (wait 8 to 12 minutes if you want softboiled eggs with runny yolks – but we want firm yolks and whites for Deviled Eggs, so wait the full 15 minutes).
6.     Go ahead and color, paint, or decorate the eggs, if you want.  Put on your Vincent Van Gogh – except don’t cut off your ear like he did!
7.     When you are ready to make the Deviled Eggs, crack the cooked eggs and peel them under cold running water, or you can peel them underwater in a bowl of cold water.
8.     Once the boiled eggs are peeled, cut them in half lengthwise as evenly as you can.  Take the yolks out of the egg whites and put the yolks in a small bowl, set the whites aside (you will fill them in a minute).
9.     Peel and finely dice part of an onion until you have 3 Tablespoons.
10.  Smash the yolks up with a fork, add 3 Tablespoons of sour cream and mix it in.
11.   Then add 2 teaspoons of Wasabi paste or Hot Mustard (put more in, if you can stand it!).
12.  Smash it all together until it’s a smooth paste, and put it in a ziplock-style gallon bag and zip it up.
13.  Cut the corner of the bag with some scissors – you want about a 1-inch hole in the corner.
14.  Twist and squeeze the bag, moving the yolk mixture into the cut corner, as you fill each egg white with some of your yolk mixture.
15.  Garnish with a little caviar on top, or smoked salmon, or cooked shrimp.
§  Sauce Pan
§  Slotted Spoon
§  Lid or Aluminum Foil
§  Timer
§  Small Bowl
§  Fork
§  Ziplock-Type Gallon Bag
§  Scissors