Sequestration discussed and protested locally

Posted at: 03/26/2013 4:53 PM
Updated at: 03/26/2013 6:01 PM
By: Bill Lambdin

QUEENSBURY - Although most of the money to operate public schools comes from state and local taxes, in Queensbury the Superintendent tells us they're losing 62-thousand dollars to improve elementary reading because of the federal sequester.

A Queensbury High School student asked Congressman Bill Owens (D - Plattsburgh) about the stand-off.

"It will take about 45 to 90 days to play out in terms of what actual impacts it's going to have," Owens said. "There is no conversation going on in Washington today that would remove sequestration from the table. There is none."

In Albany Tuesday, members of the National Treasury Employees Union Chapter 61 (IRS Division) and other federal employees used their break to protest the sequester.

Many federal employees are facing forced one day a week furloughs, resulting in pay cuts of about 20 per cent.

The local President predicts taxpayers will notice the effects in IRS performance.   

"Taxpayers will have trouble getting the help they need," said Phil Archdeacon. "Efforts to stop identity theft would be hampered. Our agency will not be able to collect the revenue to fund the government and close the deficit."