Wal-Mart mart employee accused of stealing over $43,000 from store

Posted at: 03/28/2013 2:50 PM
By: Anna Didio


QUEENSBURY – An employee of Wal-Mart in Queensbury is facing grand larceny charges after police say he stole over $43,000 worth of merchandise.

Police say 20-year-old Kevin Talley of Fort Edward has been taking items from the store over the past 8 months, mostly from the electronics department where he worked

Police say Talley would take items home after his shift without paying for them, and then either sell them online or return them for store credit.

Talley was arrested Wednesday after he was caught leaving the store after his shift with slightly more than $3,400 in merchandise.

He was arraigned and is in the Warren County Jail until his next court proceeding.