Local woman records marathon as she runs, captures blast on tape

Posted at: 04/17/2013 11:47 PM
By: Jessica Layton

Ask any runner and they'll tell you. The atmosphere of the Boston marathon is like no other.

Jennifer Treacy of Malta wanted to make sure she'd remember it. So on Saturday, a day before she and her family drove to Boston, she ran out and bought this tiny video camera. She wanted to capture every moment along her 26.2 mile journey. Every cheer, every emotion.

She had no idea that just as she turned the corner onto Boylston Street, she'd capture the terror that would change so many lives forever.

Treacy was 80 yards from the finish line when she heard an explosion and saw smoke filling the air.

"Initially I thought it was fireworks, oh this is the end of the Boston Marathon, they must do fireworks or cannons," Treacy said. 

But then people started screaming and racing away from the finish line.

"My instinct was to seek cover, so I ran into a building next to me."

On tape, you see her feet take a couple steps and then that's where the video goes black.

"My next instinct now that I was in a safe environment was to find out if my husband and kids were ok," she said.

There were. They reunited on a Boston street corner 40 minutes later.

She's watched the moment of the blast dozens of times. It never gets easy. And she can't shake the feeling that thousands were robbed of an experience that was supposed to be memorable for so many other reasons.

"I feel like something was robbed not just from Boston, but from the running world," Treacy said.

NewsChannel 13's Jessica Layton asked her if she'd run the Boston marathon next year. She said yes, she needs to for closure because she didn't get to finish the race. But she wouldn't want her kids there.

She also said she never takes breaks. But at mile six, she took a one minute break to go to the bathroom. She wonders if that bathroom break saved her life.