6 arrested in a narcotics investigation

Posted at: 04/20/2013 3:08 PM
Updated at: 04/21/2013 2:02 PM
By: Cadence Acquaviva

Police arrest 6 after issuing a search warrant at 149 Grand Ave in Saratoga, Friday afternoon. Police say the search warrant was in response to an ongoing drug investigation.

Saratoga Springs Police entered the home just before 5:30pm with help from State Police, K9’s, Aviation and Special Operations Response Team (SORT). They say no shots were fired and there were no injuries.

Under arrest are 44 year old Robert Durr (as pictured), 47 year old Michael Wood, 59 year old James Long, 59 year old Barry Phalen, 44 year old John Bates and 21 year old Shabazz Felton.

Police say their main focus was Durr, who lives at the Grand Ave location and rents to the others. He is charged with felony criminal sale of a controlled substance. The others involved face several misdemeanor charges.

Last week police arrested 46-year-old Russell Duffney Jr. at the same location after he allegedly attacked a man with a machete. Police say Duffney does live there, but was in Saratoga County Jail at the time and was not involved in Friday afternoon's raid.

Duffney still faces assault and criminal possession of a weapon charges.