Flight delays pile up Monday after FAA budget cuts

Posted at: 04/22/2013 4:23 PM
Updated at: 04/22/2013 5:31 PM
By: WNYT Staff

ALBANY - FAA furloughs went into effect Monday, and that's causing trouble at airports around the country.

Because of the sequestration, most employees are now taking one day off of work, every other week.

That means fewer security agents, air traffic controllers, and other airport staff.

Up and down the east coast especially, delays have been reported all day, some upwards of two hours.

Big airports, like those in New York, Washington, and Baltimore are seeing some of the biggest slow-downs.

Some flights have even been grounded, because of a lack of air traffic controllers.

There have been some delays today at Albany International, but nothing significant. 

However, passengers are being warned to arrive early, in case there is a longer-than-usual wait for security.