Police investigating body found in Albany

Posted at: 04/26/2013 12:19 PM
Updated at: 04/26/2013 5:15 PM
By: Abigail Bleck

ALBANY – Police are searching for clues in Albany's South End. 

Police appear to know who was found dead on public housing property but not what killed him.

Albany police received the 911 call at 9:45 Friday morning. 

Rescue crews arrived in force. 

But ultimately, the medical personnel left, leaving behind police who cordoned off the complex with crime tape.

A representative from the Albany Housing Authority told NewsChannel 13 he wasn't a Housing Authority resident.

Other than that, not much information is being released, presumably because Albany Police don't have the answers.

“I look out my window and see a bunch of police...I was shocked,” said Corey Woods from Albany.

The man's body was discovered just feet away from the playground that's attached to the high-rise apartment complex at 230 Green Street.  The scene was across the street from the downtown WIC office and very near to Giffen Elementary.

“It's too close to home because a school is right there we got kids who walk through these streets,” Albany resident Samantha Cooper said.

As investigators worked, the body remained uncovered for close to an hour after police got there.  According to residents, that gave them the opportunity to do what police were not, publicly at least, identify the body.

“I used to see him walking to the store getting soda, snacks.  He was a very good guy,” said Woods.

At one point a woman claiming to be the girlfriend of the man who died arrived in tears. 

Police spent time speaking with her, and later in the afternoon, investigators expanded the scene to include a BMW.  It is unclear, at this point, what role it plays in the death that is not yet being labeled natural, a suicide or a murder.

Albany Police confirmed late Friday afternoon that the man was 35 years old.