Driving home dangers of distracted driving

Posted at: 05/01/2013 10:47 PM
Updated at: 05/01/2013 11:47 PM
By: WNYT Staff

CLIFTON PARK -- The nice weather means graduation, prom, and summer are all right around the corner. And that means more teen drivers on the road.

Nineteen year old RPI Sophomore Kate McGuire has joined a national campaign to end distracted driving, speaking at schools like Shenendehowa High School, urging teens to focus on one thing when they're driving and one thing only: The road.

"I'm here because I drove distracted, and I caused someone's death" says McGuire.

Kate wasn't texting and driving. She wasn't talking and driving. But in April 2011 she took her eyes off the road for an instant, to look up the address of a McDonalds.

Her distraction caused her to run her car off the highway and hit a parked car, killing a 61 year old Massachusetts man.

She is asking everyone to take the pledge against distracted driving. That means no texting or talking while driving, pulling over to use GPS, no putting on make up, no eating. The list goes on.

She says being part of this national campaign and speaking in schools is her small way of trying to make amends for the pain she caused so many people.

Kate says "It's my hope I can change just one driver out there and prevent an accident like mine from happening again."