Ice cream wars near close

Posted at: 05/02/2013 5:26 PM
Updated at: 05/02/2013 6:32 PM
By: John McLoughlin

GLOVERSVILLE - The ice cream wars could be coming to a close in the city of Gloversville.

The two people who operate the Sno Kone Joe ice cream truck are already under arrest and will now be prohibited from selling their frozen treats inside city limits

Gloversville Police just announced that they are revoking the permit that allows Sno Kone Joe to operate, that announcement comes as another mister Ding-a-Ling claimed harassment by Sno Kone Joe

For years it's been a Gloversville tradition, but police say Sno Kone Joe's permit will not be renewed after it expires on Saturday.

The cops say rival ice cream peddlers like Mister Ding-a-Ling have long complained about harassment from Sno Kone Joe

Despite several meetings with the Sno Kone principals, 34-year-old Joshua Malatino and 21-year-old Amanda Scott, police say the abuse resumed last month against Phil Hollister, the current Ding-a-Ling operator.

Melanie Ryder says "he was a bully"

She had the "Ding-a-Ling" franchise in Gloversville several years ago, and she says Malatino repeatedly stalked and harassed her and her assistant

Tailgating, playing the music super-loud, even claiming her ice cream was tainted

Ryder claims that Gloversville Police laughed at her and told her to work it out when she tried to report the alleged abuse.

Now Malatino and his girlfriend, Amanda Scott are both charged with harassment and stalking.

Police say with this misdemeanor, they can still operate in neighboring communities, but not Gloversville.