'Hit list' alleged in arrest of Walmart employee

Posted at: 05/06/2013 5:35 PM
Updated at: 05/06/2013 6:00 PM
By: Beth Wurtmann

AMSTERDAM - A local Walmart employee is facing charges of harassment and menacing. Investigators said she threatened to shoot co-workers whose names she put on a hit list.

Sheriff Michael Amato said employees at the Walmart in Amsterdam told management they were afraid to come to work after a coworker said she planned to shoot people she wasn't getting along with.

Cassandra Downs, 32, of Schenectady reportedly said she had a hit list and that she'd been target practicing.

Investigators found two homemade targets in the trunk of Downs' car, with bullet holes from a .22 caliber rifle.

While it's not clear if she would have carried out the alleged threat, Amato said the system worked to avoid a potential disaster.

"When it was brought to the attention by employees, the management moved on it swiftly because it was out of their realm," said Amato. "Now when they found out about it they're obligated by law to do something when they have harassment in the workplace. And when they contacted us because they felt it involved a weapon, we responded and it was taken care of right away.

The sheriff said Downs has no criminal record, but had access to two firearms owned by her boyfriend.

Downs posted bail.

A Walmart spokesperson said Downs is suspended from work while the legal case makes its way through the courts.