New city app raises questions about mayor’s re-election

Posted at: 05/07/2013 4:37 PM
Updated at: 05/07/2013 5:49 PM
By: John McLoughlin

ALBANY - For many years now, Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings has had his own weekly radio talk show where, among other things, he listens to complaints about things like potholes needing repair.

With his political future still not clear, Jennings announced Tuesday that the city has come up with a new, electronic means of fielding those complaints.

And right away, people like me are trying to analyze this latest development, to see if it tells us anything at all, however tenuous, to solve the mystery of whether Jennings plans to run for re-election .

The mayor announced Tuesday what he calls a "first-ever" for this region.

It's a new electronic "app" so that citizens of Albany can notify the city about potholes, or graffiti, or broken street lights, or even criminal activity like drug-dealing.

Citizens can use their smart phones or their personal computers to first, report the problem, and then check to see what the City has done about it.

So--- does that mean that the mayor and his radio talk show are being replaced by an app and, if so, why..?

A great many Albany democrats, including some of the higher-ups in the party, cannot understand why Jennings has not announced, by now, one way or the other, whether he plans to run or not.

June 4, exactly four weeks from Monday, is the first day for gathering petitions to run for mayor of the City of Albany.

Unless Jennings makes the announcement over the next three days, we should get a pretty good clue on Saturday afternoon when the candidates' review committee interviews those who want to run for mayor to decide whether to endorse them.