Mother of Year crowned at Tulip Fest

Posted at: 05/13/2013 9:26 AM
By: Andrew Murphy

ALBANY - The Tulip Festival was in full swing on this Mother's Day, and Sunday afternoon featured the crowning of the Mother of the Year.

Washington Park attracted a huge crowd for the event, despite the gloomy weather.

A cloudy day and at times some drizzle couldn't keep families away from downtown Albany -- especially moms and their children. Many of them came out to take in the beauty of the tulips.

For one mom, the trip from Watervliet to the Tulip Fest became even more meaningful when she was crowned Mother of the Year.

Christie Bunkoff was one of more than 70 mothers nominated for the honor in the Capital Region. The selection process from a special panel took their credentials into consideration.

Bunkoff brought her family and friends along for the event -- on a day her daughter Emma is celebrating her 11th birthday.

Bunkoff shared the stage with four other finalists in the competition -- all of them were happy enough by just being moms.

The Mother of the Year gets some luxury items, jewelry and gift certificates. But being a mom was already enough.