Students witness staged drunken driving crash as pre-prom lesson

Posted at: 05/14/2013 11:54 AM
Updated at: 05/14/2013 6:32 PM
By: Mark Mulholland

SARATOGA SPRINGS - The Saratoga Springs High School prom is this weekend. In advance of the event, students are getting an in-your-face lesson on the dangers of drinking and driving in the form of a mock DWI accident.

The lesson included arrests, multiple victims and a hearse.

The prom will be held at the City Center Saturday night. There are other proms in the area too.

Educators want to make sure prom goers don't end up in the ER or worse.

Police come rushing to the scene of a crash as part of the simulation where there were multiple victims and alcohol was involved.

The scene of this staged incident was in front of Saratoga Springs High School, with several hundred juniors and seniors looking on. They watched one of their class mates go through field sobriety tests. Another was placed on a stretcher and loaded into an ambulance. A third was zipped into a body bag and carted to a hearse.

It was all set up as a sobering pre-prom reminder of the sometimes deadly consequences of drinking and driving.