Copeland free on technicality; expected to be charged again

Posted at: 05/17/2013 11:43 AM
Updated at: 05/17/2013 12:22 PM
By: Andrew Murphy

Trinity Copeland
Trinity Copeland
Photo: File / WNYT

TROY - A teenager, accused of killing her own father, is free Friday, but, most likely, not for long.

Trinity Copeland, 17, had been behind bars since last July.

Rensselaer County DA Rich McNally tells us the murder charges were dropped for some legal reasons.

McNally says the judge threw out the indictment because the jurors were not told about a part of the law that says 'you don't have to run away from your home if you're protecting yourself inside the home'.

Investigators say Trinity Copeland fatally shot her 47-year-old father Harlan Copeland, in the apartment the two shared on Seventh Avenue.

It apparently happened after an argument over a $154 credit card charge.

Trinity says her father pointed the gun at her and that she only pulled the trigger because he forced her to.

The DA tells us Copeland will surrender next week and the case will go before a second grand jury.