Victims of burglary identify items in Washington County

Posted at: 05/20/2013 7:29 AM
Updated at: 05/20/2013 9:53 AM
By: Dan Bazile

HUDSON FALLS - Hundreds of pieces of jewelry and other valuables were on display at Hudson Falls High School Sunday.

All the items were stolen from homes throughout the North Country and in Vermont. Police are trying to connect the pieces with their rightful owners as they build a case against the accused burglar.

The evidence went on and on all around a room inside the school, all from what Glens Falls police say was their biggest burglary bust ever.

Some residents who believe they were victims came to try identify what might be theirs in a sea of stolen items.

Police say each pile on the tables represents one home.

One of those homes was Carolyn Whitney’s in Washington County. Even after the items have been recovered her home may never feel the same again. But Whitney says she's happy the man accused of being responsible is behind bars.

John Suddar, 39, was picked up back in December after an investigation by Glens Falls Police and the New York State Police Investigations Unit. Police then searched Suddard's home, but found the items hidden in sheds at his step brother's house in Granville.

Police still have to piece together the exact locations all the valuables were stolen from. But so far police say the victims came from Saratoga, Washington and Warren counties and across the border from Vermont.

Suddard already served time in prison for burglary. The Washington County district attorney says he's looking to lock him up for good.