Middleburgh bounces back

Posted at: 07/06/2013 2:42 PM
By: Dan Bazile

Main Street in the Village of Middleburgh is hustling and bustling. Businesses are open. The tourists are back. It's the perfect time local leaders say for the villages first Pride Day.

It was almost two years ago when tropical storms Irene and Lee came through and flooded the village, causing widespread destruction. Homes, businesses, farms nearby and anything in the water's path took a major hit. The village's Mayor says it took a long time to get here and the work is not done yet.

“There are still homes that are closed. There are still businesses that are closed. With all the pride, it's good to show it one day out of the year,” says Mayor Matthew Avitabile.

For the first Pride Day, some residents were taken on a tour of all the projects the village worked on in addition to the recovery efforts. They unveiled a new pavilion, and community garden just across the street was part of the tour, along with murals and other attractions.

Some businesses also offered fun activities for kids and adults that include wine tasting and a scavenger hunt, and of course lots of food and refreshments.

“On the one hand we get the see our parks, project that wouldn't have gotten done. We get to see the business association that was reformed last year. We hope to inspire them and make them proud of their community,” says the Mayor.