Local youth return from Catholic World Youth Day in Brazil

Posted at: 08/02/2013 3:38 PM
Updated at: 08/02/2013 4:58 PM
By: Bill Lambdin

RENSSELAER - From a short distance, compared to what you see on TV, Pope Francis appeared "fairly like what I expected...close to the people wanting to be with everyone," said John Kenna. 

Casey Frakoski thought it was "weird to see a person on TV and then see them in real life. It's totally different. It's a celebrity you're seeing."

"People were jumping up and down and screaming," as the Popemobile passed by said Conor Gosh.

As will happen with eyewitness accounts, Alyssa Decker saw him differently.

"He looked a lot older than I thought he would," Decker said.

But for all six teens who went on the religious retreat to Rio, the experience was life altering.

"It puts a different perspective into your head," said John Repula.

"It was very enlightening. My faith is increased by this trip, definitely," said Kenna.

Judging from the accounts of our local delegates, World Youth activities accomplished its goal.

"I liked being able to connect with everyone through God," said Frakoski.