Troy woman accused of Boston Marathon bombing charity scam, in court

Posted at: 08/02/2013 5:33 PM
Updated at: 08/02/2013 6:08 PM
By: Dan Bazile

BOSTON -- The Boston Marathon bombing left 3 people dead and more than 260 wounded. Police said Audrea Gause was not even there when it all happened.

She was arraigned Friday and locked up on $200,000 bail.

Gause kept the head down the entire time in the Boston courtroom as a prosecutor recounted what she's accused of doing.

Authorities said the Troy woman lied about being in Boston during the marathon bombing to scam money out of One Fund Boston, a charity set up to help the bombing victims. Prosecutors said she sent in a claim in early June.

"Attached to the claim were reported medical records from Boston Medical Center and Albany Medical Center," said Massachusetts Assistant Attorney General Gina Masotta

In the medical records, Masotta said Gause falsely claimed she had suffered a traumatic brain injury because of the bombing and she experienced long-term memory loss, impaired speech, and loss of some motor function that would require future surgery.

"Based on those medical records that were attached, the One Fund issued payment on July 1, 2013 in the amount of $480,000," Masotta said.

Shortly after the money was deposited in early July,  police said Gause took most of it out in cash, gave it to a home construction company as payment for a house in Clifton Park.

"The Commonwealth has obtained video surveillance from both the bank as well as the home construction company that appears to show the defendant and another individual withdrawing that money and dropping it off at the construction company as payment," Masotta said.

Prosecutors added they also have a 911 call from Gause's home in Troy involving an incident with her child on the same day she was supposed to be at Albany Medical Center with a brain injury. She was arrested in troy on July 19th and later taken to Massachusetts to face the larceny charge. The Massachusetts prosecutor said Gause has a long criminal record, all of the charges similar to what she's currently accused of. She's due back in court on September 4 for a pre-trial hearing.