Burglars hit 19 homes in broad daylight in Saratoga County

Posted at: 08/08/2013 5:33 PM
By: Dan Bazile

CLIFTON PARK -- Kelly DeCarr showed Newschannel 13 where the burglar ended up inside her home and emptied out a drawer filled with Xbox games.

"They had taken everything that was in the drawer. They took one of the disk and broke it in half," DeCarr said.

But for some reason, they left the actual game console and other pieces of electronics on the kitchen table. DeCarr said the thief broke in through a front window, most likely on Friday last week. Her son discovered his games were missing the following day.

"He's worked a couple of jobs this summer, earning money and had just bought one of the games. It's just sad," DeCarr said.

DeCarr's home was one of 19 in one Clifton Park neighborhood that was hit over the past few weeks, according to police. Authorities said the break-ins took place during the day. They call the crimes burglaries of opportunity. The thief took anything that was quickly accessible and could easily be turned into cash, like small electronics and jewelry.

"I knew they had been in the neighborhood," DeCarr told Newschannel 13. "We're a close neighborhood. Everybody's been sending emails out."

But she never thought her place would be next. DeCarr said of course she feels violated. But even worse she said she recently lost her husband to a rare form of cancer, this is the last thing her children needed.

"I feel like they've already had so much loss at such young age then somebody comes in and takes their stuff, it bothers you," She said.

DeCarr said the thief left with about $600 worth of Xbox games. She's having an alarm system installed to prevent perhaps another break-in. Meanwhile, police are urging residents to lock their windows and doors during the day and keep an eye out for suspicious activity.