iPads helping with cognitive rehabilitation

Posted at: 08/29/2013 6:36 PM
Updated at: 08/29/2013 8:55 PM
By: Benita Zahn

It's almost 2 years since 33 year old Nate Shoultz suffered a stroke that robbed him of his ability to speak. As the father of 4, the youngest just 6 weeks old, to say it was devastating is an understatement. But he has persevered and is getting help in recovering what he's lost thanks to an I-pad.

Nate is proving what research is finding . .That technology can with cognitive therapy.

"Helping him re develop or relearn math skills" explains speech pathologist Cheryl Hoffis who says, before the I-Pad she'd have to go through many books and make copies of items patients would find interesting. All cumbersome. The I-pad is easier to use at home and Nate's wife says, for a guy who was always tech savvy, it's a connection with this pre-stroke life.


But the story doesn't end here. The Glens Falls Hospital Rehabilitation and Wellness center where Nate's a patient, was able to purchase the i-pad used by therapists, thanks to a donation by Wayne and Tammy Bukovinsky.

"Adapt and overcome" says Wayne . .it was his motto during his years as a sound technician for rock and pop groups served him well after suffering a traumatic brain injury 5 years ago, the result of a motorcycle accident.

Residents of North River, that community rallied to support him and his wife.

"So many came out for me" he says he felt compelled to pay it forward and help others.

So they created the North Country Hardship fund and with money raised they made a donation to the Glens Falls Hospital to purchase the i-pad. Says Wayne " I love to see that he's able to what he used to do being a computer programmer. I love seeing that. "