Spa cops: Dogs left in parked cars

Posted at: 09/02/2013 6:30 PM
Updated at: 09/02/2013 6:57 PM
By: Dan Levy

SARATOGA SPRINGS - In a place where animals are admired and often showcased, there was conflict and outrage Monday afternoon. It began when a vigilant visitor spotted a dog locked inside a parked car on Broadway, on a hot day, with the windows rolled up tightly.

"Did you enjoy your lunch in the air conditioning while your dog is out here like that?" the visitor shouted to the dog owners as they emerged from a deli. "How would you like to be in that car?"

While unleashing his fury on the pet owners, Saratoga Springs police officers showed up to hear the tale from both sides.

"We went into a take-out deli sandwich place and grabbed our sandwiches to go," said John Scannello, the dog's owner."We came out and saw him trying to break in my car."

Scannello insists his 13-year old dog Freddie wasn't in the car more than fifteen or twenty minutes. The accuser says Freddie was there well over an hour.

"One of the mistakes we made, yeah, we probably should have left a window open," Scannello admitted. "At the time it was overcast and we were worried about a cloud burst, so for fifteen minutes the dog should be fine."

Scannello wound up getting written up, but before the ink was dry on the ticket, the same police officer got another call for dog locked in a car directly across the street. Those windows were left open, but when no owner showed up, a tow truck operator was called to get the dog out.

"They have to know what's going to happen to (the dogs)," said Colette Edwards, a dog lover from New Jersey, who was walking up Broadway with three Shelties in tow. "You wouldn't want to sit in there yourself. You can't legislate stupidity."

Both dogs appeared to be fine.

Scannello was issued an appearance ticket for city court for next week.