Political expert weighs in on president's speech

Posted at: 09/10/2013 7:03 PM
By: Kumi Tucker

Political experts say President Obama took a stand, but now finds himself in a serious bind.     

Some think that tonight, we'll hear the president talk about how our threats of military action have worked.

The debate over Syria has changed today.

One local professor says these new developments may get the president off the hook.

Tom Lobe is a political science professor at Union College who has been following the situation in Syria closely.

As President Obama went to Capitol Hill today to make his case for military action, professor Lobe says that Syria's publicly agreeing to give up its chemical weapons, must come as a relief to the president.

“I don't think he really wanted to do it in a unilateral fashion so in some ways, this gets him off the hook, if, if this whole proposal with the Russians and the acceptance by the Syrian government works,” says Lobe.

The president will talk to the nation tonight.  Professor Lobe says we will hear him outline the need for U.S. military action after what the U.S. says was a chemical attack that left almost fifteen hundred people dead..For national security.. And out of moral obligation.

“But then I think he will then add that we need to pause about this because there is a proposal that shows that our threats have worked.  And that by threatening military action, the Syrians have agreed to get rid of their chemical weapons, to have them destroyed,” says Lobe.

But if the Syrians are going to give up their chemical weapons, Professor Lobe says that our government is going to be very keen to have that verification process absolutely certain.

Professor Lobe says this is a dangerous and difficult conflict with many different sides. He thinks the president did not calculate how much the lessons from Iraq are still very painful to the American people.