Some roads reopen after Kinderhook accident

Posted at: 09/12/2013 12:41 PM
Updated at: 09/12/2013 6:30 PM
By: Dan Bazile / WNYT Staff

The scene of a fuel tank rollover at Route 9 and Route 9H in Kinderhook, Thursday afternoon.
The scene of a fuel tank rollover at Route 9 and Route 9H in Kinderhook, Thursday afternoon.
Photo: Dan Bazile / WNYT

KINDERHOOK – The clean up was underway moments after the big rig carrying home heating fuel, rolled over onto its side at a round about near Kinderhook. Mounds of sand were bought in and dumped right in the middle of the intersection where Route 9 intersects with Route 9H, to contain the spill.

State Police say Route 9 has reopened. 9H - South to Keagan Road was expected to remain closed for several hours.

"It's a major spill. It has some substantial consequences. Luckily the fire department was able to mitigate with their booming," said Matt Franklin from the Department of Environmental Conservation.

You could see the fuel shimmering as a vacuum truck, hired by DEC, sucked up the fuel trapped by the sand piles. They were able to recover only five thousand of the eight thousand gallons that spilled out of the tanker. DEC said there's no threat to the drinking water in the area, at least for now.

"The area is under municipal water. There's one well behind the plaza we'll be checking. But it doesn't appear to be any threat to the aquifer system," Franklin said.

That part of Routes 9 and 9H is a major thoroughfare. It was shut down for hours for the clean up efforts. Homes and businesses were also evacuated, not good for business for Labella Restaurant nearby.

"I missed the best of the day but we'll survive," Labella owner Felice Salvioli told Newschannel 13. "In business you also have to leave a day for a rainy day for Mother Nature and the events that just happened here."

Right next door at Berkshire Eye Center, workers said they had a full schedule and were forced to cancel appointments because of the spill.

"Definitely hurts business a little bit but looking at the great good hopefully they take care of this and we'll be back to business as normal," said Jeffrey Jibeault.

And they're also happy to hear that no one was injured.