Wormuth a no show at town board meeting

Posted at: 09/18/2013 5:35 PM
Updated at: 09/18/2013 11:51 PM
By: WNYT Staff

Mindy Wormouth
Mindy Wormouth
Photo: File / WNYT

HALFMOON - Halfmoon Town Supervisor Mindy Wormuth was a no show at Wednesday night's town board meeting.

As we first reported Tuesday, her fellow Republicans on the town board are calling for Wormuth to resign.

They point to articles in the Times Union that the FBI is investigating Wormuth for her business dealings.

Tuesday night, Wormuth issued a statement saying “I have neither been charged with nor convicted of any offense,”

She says she has been cleared of wrongdoing before and will be cleared again.

Wormuth says she “should not be so surprised considering it's an election year and that tends to bring out an atmosphere of innuendo, rumor and outright bunk!”

At a time when Halfmoon town officials would rather be focusing on town business, instead they're forced to deal with the business of scandal because of the Wormuth situation.

"We have $14 million budget that needs to be addressed within weeks," Town Councilman John Wasielewski points out, "This kind of clouded distraction does not help that process at all."

Wasielewski was one of four board members who signed the letter sent to Wormuth urging her to step aside.

"She's a smart woman and I also believe very stubborn," said Councilman Walter Polak, whose also deputy supervisor. "If she says she'll run this town for the rest of the year, I'm pretty confident she'll want to do that."

Nan Stephenson was the only speaker during Wednesday night's public hearing period. She's also a democratic candidate for town board.

"In the best interests of the town, the supervisor should have stepped aside long before this," Stephenson asserts. "I'd like some answers. I think the community would like some answers. I think it should be clear of what exactly happened. What is the FBI asking about? Is it town government? It it personal business? What is it?"

Wormuth has been Halfmoon supervisor since 2007. She is not seeking reelection.